The Creatives - Video Profile of Pastry Chef Karine Moulin

The Creatives

Two Words Productions profiles Hotel Arts Pastry Chef Karine Moulin in their video series "The Creatives."

Fire - Hotel Arts - July 14, 2014

Hotel Arts experienced a fire just before noon today (Monday, July 14th).  Guests and staff were evacuated immediately from the hotel.

Chef Tour of Broek Pork Acres Farm

Hotel Arts, City Palate & the Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance sponsored a chef tour of Broek Pork Acres Farm in advance of the annual Pig & Pinot Festival which took place at Hotel Arts in June 2014.  .  Click here to see the video of the Chef Tour.

Summer Fling Cocktail

Christina Mah has prepared a delicious cocktail to celebrate the return of summer and the warming rays of the sun with her version of "The Summer Fling".  Click here for the recipe.

Calgary Food Tours - 2014

Did you know? Calgary Food Tours offers five tours taking you through Calgary's thriving culinary scene!